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February 03 2017

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i HATE this

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when ur teacher facilitates a debate about equal rights and u gotta listen to ur straight classmates talk about lgbt ppl in the hypothetical

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January 22 2017


okay we all had a good laugh at the video of richard spencer getting hit in the face, but we need to keep something equally as important in mind if we’re going to spread that around:

he got attacked a second time as soon as the cameras stopped rolling lmao

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Zuerst die Aktionen feiern und wenn dann die Menschen in den Häfn wandern, juckt es keinen. Antirep und Soliarbeit ist essentieller Bestandteil einer revolutionären Bewegung. Es gibt Menschen, die ein Haufen Arbeit hineinstecken, damit Gefangene, die Teil des Kampfes sind, rauskommen, sich nicht im Stich gelassen fühlen, physische und psychische Präsenz zeigen, etc.
Denkt darüber nach, wie es euch ergeht, wenn ihr für eure Ideale Repression erfährt, in U-Haft sitzt oder verurteilt werdet und keiner da ist.
Rechtshilfe Strukturen leisten so viel und den meisten interessiert es gar nichts, außer sie brauchen Hilfe.
Also supportet eure lokale Rechtshilfe/Rote Hilfe, zeigt den Gefangenen, dass sie nicht umsonst alles auf’s Spiel setzten, verbreitet Repressionsfälle, schickt den Gefangenen Briefe (das lieben die meisten), macht Solifotos, …

Getroffen hat es eine*n, gemeint sind wir alle!
Solidarität ist eine Waffe!

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conradricamora: This sign wins the march 🌈❤

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  • Clean your room - or at least your desk/bed/floor. It will help your head to feel clear too.
  • Open your curtains & windows - fresh air and natural light can do wonders in my experience. Plus, it helps regulate your sleep, appetite, and mood.
  • Take a shower or have a bath - especially important if you haven’t had one in a while. This will help you feel refreshed.
  • Put on clean clothes - and put the clothes you were wearing in the wash.
  • If you tend to spend all your time in your room, get out of it for a bit - do something in the kitchen or lounge, or go for a walk (even if it’s just around the block)
  • Stretch - there are plenty of stretching and yoga videos on you tube. Look some up and give them a go.
  • Drink a glass of water - and keep one near you too. I’m sure you already know this, but staying hydrated is important.
  • Get the hard/important tasks out of the way while you have the energy - when we have mental illness, running out of energy early in the day is very normal. Try to get all the most important things done first.
  • Have some comfort food, but make sure you eat healthy too - it’s alright to eat something you like, but have some fruit and vegetables too. If you don’t like plain fruit, consider making a smoothie instead.
  • Set some goals - it doesn’t matter how small or big they are (eg. have 3 meals today, go for a walk in the afternoon), whether they are daily or weekly, but achieving goals can make you feel as though you have accomplished something.
  • And finally, remember that it is okay to have bad days - bad days don’t mean you’ve lost all progress in your recovery, and they don’t make you worthless or a bad person. Don’t give up just because you’ve had a bad day/week/etc. It’s okay to have days that don’t go so great. Stay strong xx
I know people say life goes on, and it does, but no one tells you that’s not a good thing.
— Betty Draper, Mad Men (via introspectivepoet)
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Anyway almost every gay person I know used to think they were straight but I literally don’t know a single straight person who used to think they were gay so statistically, whose sexuality is more likely to be a phase? Not mine bitch

Um excuse me thats macklemore-erasure

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Nothing can stop us!


my life has too much panic and not enough disco



aggressively gay


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